Ranger’s Apprentice: the KIngs of Clonmel book 8 by John Flanagan

Forgive the big gap in time it has taken me to get this review on here. I have taken some much-needed time with my fiance and son. I have not opened a book in weeks and once you get to know me better you will find how rare that is. Later this week I hope to have the review of book nine on here.
In this book time skips back forward to where Will is a full ranger with his own fief to watch over. This book begins with trouble up north which keeps Halt from making the yearly Gathering as he meets the trouble head on to keep it from growing into bigger trouble for Araluen. At the Gathering Will is asked to assess the apprentices who are up to receive their silver leaf, but he can’t help but worry for his old teacher. As the Gathering ends the new rangers are given their new assignments Will is put to the test again when the leader of the rangers Crowley asks Will to give up his post and become part of a new task force under Halts command. It would mean no fief of his own, moving back home to Redmont. Will jumps at the chance to be closer to Halt, Horace and most importantly Alyss who he has grown close to.
Halt shows back up to tell of a cult up north threatening his old home Clonmel where he had failed to mention he had very close ties too. Halt, Will, and Horace set out to break up the religious cult building up and Halt comes face to face with his past and the brother sitting on his throne.
This book really shows much more of the character Halt who has been an enigma up till now to Will and most others in Araluen. The three adventures grow closer and of course they face many new dangers but that is if all in a day’s work for Rangers and Knights.

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